Our Goal

Wencar Inc performs daily for our customers to meet the demands of our motto "Where Service Comes First"

"Where Service Comes First" is more easily said than done.  To Service a customer means to listen.  To Service a customer means to deliver on promises made.  To Service a customer means to fill orders correctly.  To Service a customer means to treat our customers with respect.  To Service a customer means to put the customer's needs first.  And to Service a customer means to serve not just once, but repeatedly.

We love it when we can help a convenience store operator make more money.  Our team of experienced advisors can help you plan how to maximize sales space for maximum profits

About Us

Wencar has been in the convenience store industry for more than 30 years.  Founded by the Wengers and Carriers in 1985, Wencar continues to deliver quality products thru our distribution system.  Armed with Experts in the profession, a fully stocked warehouse and a fleet of trucks, Wencar services many independant c-store operations in the South Texas Region. Come buy from our headquarters in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are honored to do business in the United States of America and thankful that God blesses us everyday.