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Leasing or Renting Tangible Personal Property

I HEREBY CERTIFY: That I hold Limited Sales Tax Permit No.* issued pursuant to the Limited
Sales, Excise, and Use Tax Law, and that the tangible personal property described below, or which is shown in the attached order of
invoice, which is made a part hereof, which I will purchase from WENCAR, INC. will be re-sold, rented or leased by me in the form
of tangible personal property; however, if I make any use of the tangible personal property other than retention, demonstration or
display while holding it for sale, lease or rental in the regular course of business, the use shall be taxable to me as of the time when
the tangible personal property is first used, and the sales price of the property to me shall be deemed the measure of tax.




To: WENCAR, INC. Corpus Christi, TX, Nueces County

  • I. For value received, the undersigned herein called Guarantor, jointly and severally, unconditionally guarantee and promise to pay
    Wencar, Inc, herein called Seller, any and all indebtedness incurred on or after the date of the application shown on page 1 by
    customer, as herein noted, by reason of the purchase from Seller of groceries and other goods, materials and services well known
    to the parties hereto under the terms and conditions including payment of, and rate of interest, all as provided in this entire Customer
  • II. Guarantors undersigned and hereby agree that this is a continuing guaranty and, until revoked as hereinafter provided, shall cover
    all future indebtedness as contemplated hereunder, including indebtedness arising under successive transactions that shall either
    continue the liability of customer or from time to time renew it after it has been satisfied
  • III. The guaranty shall terminate on delivery to seller, at Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas a written notice of termination effective
    as to any and all indebtedness incurred or created by customer from and after such delivery of notice of terminations
  • IV. This Contract of Guaranty is performable in Corpus Christi, Nueces Country, Texas
    Dated the date of this Customer Application as shown on Page 1


Returned Check Policy

  • 1. In the event you should have a check or EFT returned, Wencar, Inc. will require a Cashiers Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer to cover the returned check.
  • 2. There will be a $60.00 Returned Check Fee
  • 3. Until guaranteed funds are received in our office, the account will be placed on Hold and no orders will be shipped.
  • 4. In the event of a Returned Check, Wencar, Inc. reserves the right to place the account on Cash Only or discontinue service

Credit Policy

  • 1. Must complete a Wencar, Inc. application and be approved.
  • 2. Must meet and maintain a minimum of $ 650.00 non cigarette purchases or a combined order of $ 2,500.00.
  • 3. All payments must be remitted EFT. An EFT application must be completed.
  • 4. Maximum terms will be 7 days depending on approval.
  • 5. In the event an EFT is returned unpaid, Wencar, Inc. reserves the right to place the account on cash only basis.

Credit References




I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • 1) that a late fee of $2.50 per day or maximum of $100.00 will be assessed on any past due balance
  • 2) that interest is not to exceed the maximum rate the law allows will be charged on all past due balances that exceed the terms specified by the seller;
  • 3) that in the event of default and referral to an attorney or collection agency I’m to pay all cost of collection including reasonable attorney’s fees;
  • 4) that if the type of ownership of the business changes from that described in the application, I will still be held liable for all debts and obligations incurred in connection with my request;
  • 5) that if additional stores or locations are added at my request, the terms and obligations of this agreement will extend to those accounts or additional locations;
  • 6) that only the Credit Manager of Wencar, Inc. has the authority to modify in writingthe terms of this Agreement. The customer/debtor hereby grants to Wencar, Inc. , Creditor, a security interest as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code of Texas, in and to all inventory including all proceeds thereof and there from now owned or hereinafter acquired in order to secure Wencar Inc., from all indebtedness and obligations of the customer/debtor including any and all future advances, all expenses incurred by the secured party, Wencar Inc., including remedying defaults, attorney’s fees and cost and storage and care of collateral. I understand that the enclosed information is given for the purpose of obtaining credit information, and I certify that the enclosed information is complete and accurate as of the date of this application. I authorize you to contact these references and for them to release any financial information you require. I agree that this Contract is performable and all bills payable in connection therewith in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas