Know Why Grocery Shoppers Want Personalization and Options Post-Pandemic

By WencarInc

August 21, 2020

Know Why Grocery Shoppers Want Personalization and Options Post-Pandemic

It is seen that in January 2020, only 5% of grocery shopping was done online. Then Coronavirus pandemic arrived. Almost within just a few hours, all the grocery stores and other businesses that were selling essential daily items experienced a sudden spike in demand. Even in some places, the consumers saw empty shelves for some items and long lines due to the social distancing issue. This turned the consumers towards the digital portals and formed new buying behaviors. As per the statistics, 31% of the people are planning for their grocery needs. Some even competed for the time slots for home delivery.

As the restaurants and businesses are reopening, and consumers are going back to work, the concept of grocery shopping is changing again. Though the hike will be slow, people will be consistent about buying groceries online for some time. Even 68% of the U.S shoppers expect to buy essential items online even after the threats of COVID-19 lowers down. The buyers will still rely on digital media and will consider online stores for shopping grocery items. Here are some reasons convenience store apply to grow their businesses onward-

Personalize Shopping Experiences

What someone is buying during the time of pandemic might not reflect the typical buying habits. In between the 13th to the 15th March, 44% of the U.S household grocery buyers stock up the essential items at home. After the pandemic, normal purchasing habits will likely to resume. The grocery shopping will go the long-term way. As the purchasing habits will shift back, the grocers will need to deliver the personalized experience to gather more shoppers, past transactions and will increase loyalty.

There Are 3 Ways the Grocery Retailers Can Follow-

  • Artificial intelligence

AI learns from the customers’ statistics and then suggests the relevant items based on the past and recurring purchases of the customers. Connect AI to the Customer Relationship Management system, to make a tailored customer journey across services, commerce and marketing.

  • Customer Surveys

The surveys and quizzes help you to know what the customers want and when they need it. You should create an email survey and a section on the website to help customers to put the feedback. You can also include the questions regarding the lifestyle and dietary restrictions for delivering new product choices.

  • Chatbots

The use of chatbots increased after COVID-19. Besides helping the service team to scale the production, bots can offer the information to the customers.

Change the process how you track inventories

The long delivery times and the order replacements have affected the COVID-19 shopping experiences. Post pandemic, the buyers will have less patience why the delay of the product. To stay ahead of expectations, the grocers should utilize the track-inventory to track the orders. If the customer has ordered something and it is out of stock, when products become available before the delivery time, notify the customers.

Besides, as the retailer, you should store the items that the customers mainly have demands for. For good quality grocery supplies, you can get help from Wencar Inc, one of the established and trusted Wholesale convenience store suppliers in South Texas that provides doorstep delivery, additional rebate and cash and carry options for the buyers.

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